Epigenetic Studies Array Based Gene Expression Genotyping Solutions

Epigenetic Studies

Understanding Gene regulation is always a challenge not only in cancer studies but also many disease association studies. Epigenetic array based study provides large whole genome regulation pattern using CpG islands and CpG shore information in humans.
Methylation 450K Array delivers power of whole genome epigenetic regulation pattern with the combination of infinium genotyping and bisulphite chemistry.

Array Based Gene Expression

Gene expression arrays provide a comprehensive view of gene activity in biological samples. Common uses of gene expression arrays include genome-wide differential expression studies, disease classification, pathway analysis, expression-based quantitative trait loci (eQTL) mapping, and more.
Human HT12 Gene Expression Array - Offers 47,000 NCBI RefSeq Probes with well characterized genes and its pathways

Genotyping Solutions

The power of Genotyping is at its best in recent years with the advancements in personalized genomics and molecular medicine. Sandor uses the full potential of Genotyping and provides wide range of options in this genera.