Genetic Counseling
Providing comphrehensive information on genetic conditions and how it might be affecting you or your family.
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Genetic counseling, an integral part of healthcare services, is a communicative discussion aimed at assisting the patient and family gain an understanding of the genetic disorders. Genetic Counselors help individuals address the scientific and emotional issues that arise in such situations and actively help them make informed decisions based on their values and individual circumstances.

How it helps your patients

The genetic counselor helps your patient/family in the following ways

When to recommend your patients to see a Genetic Counselor?

When to recommend your patients to see a Genetic Counselor?

Getting ready for a genetic counseling session

They happen to be quite different from your typical doctor's appointment, lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. During the session, our counselor will take your complete medical details, family history, and any additional information, based on which they would help you understand your risks, available testing options, implications to your health as well as that of your family.

Sandor Specialty Diagnostics provides a Certified Genetic Counseling service that will serve as a resource for patients and clinicians in terms of information, education, and service for pre-test, post-test, and query addressing sessions.

Free Post and Pre-test counseling sessions are provided for patient care

Benefiting the clinicians and the patients

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